Catherine Capps,  MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, retired     "Debra is the most intuitive and accomplished masseuse I have ever been to. She always gets to the bottom of the problem, no matter how masked it presents itself. I attribute much of this to her many years of nursing as well as her continuing education in various massage modalities, techniques and philosophies, attending seminars here and abroad on a regular basis. But mainly it is her excellent range of techniques, care, and obvious concern for her client's comfort and health that make her a stand out health care professional." 

Rebecca Sobin,  DAOM, MSOM, Dipl. Ac., L. Ac., CPBN     "Debra, without a doubt, is a main contributor in my quest to improve my health. Without her therapeutic touch, cranial work and ability to pay attention to my needs and listen to my body, I would not be able to be as active, as pain free, or as relaxed as I am. As a healthcare provider, self care is important so that I may continue the work I do. If I do not take care of myself, I cannot take care of my patients. So in a sense Debra contributes directly to my ability to maintain my practice."

Suzy Wiseheart,  Storyteller, Painter, Poet, Teacher, & Author of Story as Medicine   "Debra is a gifted and talented body worker who seems to bridge the grounded, practical knowledge with deep, spiritual connection. I always feel completely nourished and fine-tuned after a session. Every part of the experience feels like it is tenderly cared for from the beautiful space she creates and the focused, loving attention during a session. I have been receiving Debra's work for over 20 years and I appreciate the wise maturity of all the disciplines and life experiences that goes into a session. What I notice is as she grows, I grow as a recipient. What a lovely way to be in life!"

Harriet Alterowitz, Yoga Therapist, E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance    "Debra embodies the qualities of a true healer. She listens closely and respectfully with her hands as well as her ears. The work I have received from Debra is intuitive and highly sensitive. It is probing without pushing, attuned to the messages she receives from my body/mind in the moment. Sessions begins with a quiet welcome to the space we will share for the next hour and proceed in a safe and supportive manner. Debra holds the energy of one who walks softly on the earth. I highly recommend her!"




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